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Our goal is to make social network useful for your event through ClikgramPhoto.  Whether you’re in California, New York, Europe, Asia, South America and anywhere else in the world, we can bring your photos together for digital keepsake and print at your event.  Come along with us and we’ll show you Clikgram fun! Simply put… – Clik, upLoad, Instaprint, Keepsake

Clikgram Events

Love and Cherish.

Clikgram wedding (indoors and out) – Clik away with your phone cam pre-ceremony, ceremony, reception, after party and all the in-betweens. Love and cherish each other and all the cool photo angles.

Young & Younger.

Party it up for the young and younger.  Capture the singing, the food, the candles, the presents with your closest family and friends.  Yummy cake!

Cup & Pen.

Company cup, a pen, or perhaps a shirt – corporate events are so much fun – NOT! Create fun memories for the suits and casuals for your peers, vendors and clients for any event.

Love Your Product.

Pre-launch – Launch – Post Launch. Clikgram is perfect for social networking your services/products through our social photogram technology.  The more social your services/products are, the better for your bottom line.  We can help!

3-2-1-Lift Off.

Launch your business to get social!  Get social with your clients/customers and everyone in their social circles.  Constantly launch your business over and over again the Clikgram way.

Get Creative.

Come up with any creative event and let us show you how we can enhance the experience for you and your guests. Mixers, community events and more… Clikgram makes the light bulb brighter.

Ok! How Does It Work?

CLIK your best photo shot with your phone cam of you and your friends.
upLOAD your best shot photo to your specific event hashtag (don’t forget to set your Instagram settings to public).
INSTAPRINT your photos at the ClikgramPhoto station for keepsake.
KEEPSAKE your memories printed from the Clikgram station.

I Get…

ClikgramPhoto Station.

Our photo station is versatile and ready to perform for any event.  ClikgramPhoto prints high quality water-proof images that will last for many years to come without fading.  Our photo station requires no drying period…once it prints, you can put your fingers all over it.

Onsite Social Photographer.

We provide an onsite social photographer to help take photos for your keepsake. Our social photographer will take photos and videos throughout your event to help create lasting memories for you.

Unlimited Doubles.

ClikgramPhoto provides very fast photo printing so you can print many pictures.  We provide unlimited double prints of any photos that are uploaded to our server throughout your event…so print away!


We give you all digital photos, with and without the customized borders, to you for keepsake.  Use these photos for re-prints, re-kindle memories, create your own scrapbook and much more.

Custom Borders.

We customize the borders specifically for your event.  Regardless of the event type (wedding, birthdays, corporate, product launch and etc..) we can customize something that will help to enhance your event.

The World.

ClikgramPhoto is global! Even if your guests cannot physically partake in your event, we can grab the photos they send to print during your event for your keepsake.

Cast of Characters.

You get a cast of characters with Clikgram that loves to have fun enhancing your event.  This is our passion and we absolutely love what we do!  Let’s have Clikgram fun!

The Brand.

With our technology of services and processes we bring to our awesome clients, we have developed a brand that is familial, savvy, social, and fun. Let us show you how our brand can enhance your event.

Give Us A Buzz

Feel free to email us, phone us, smoke signal us, message bottle through the ocean, and/or carrier pigeon us. We are here to be an enriching part of your event!

  • smile @

  • 213-761-4847


No.  We have social photographers to take the photos, upload to your event hashtag and print it for keepsake.
You may print unlimited double prints of any photo.
Social photographer is a Clikgram employee taking photographs and/or videos throughout your event.  Really helps with those folks who are not social media savvy.
Yes.  We give all images to you for your keepsake – both photos and videos.
Yes.  We can accommodate any border design that fits within the print specs.
We can suggest various templates that are easily attainable, but all of our custom border designs are done with you and your event in mind so we customize it specifically for you.
All we need is a three prong standard outlet no farther than 20 to 30 feet away.  Our set up is very slim and fits within a 4×4 area.
We can customize a hashtag for your event or if you have one in mind we can use that one as well.